Domain Transfer

ATTENTION PLEASE: After the payment completetion of this transfer, you will not get refunded
                           if you change your mind during transfer process (cancel the transfer).
  At this time we only accept extensions .COM .NET .ORG .INFO .CO .CA for transfer

If you wish to transfer other extensions, please check with us via a support ticket first.


If you are a first timer, please read the following tips first;

check-mark You must have the Authorization Code handy before you start the transfer.

check-mark The domain MUST be at least 60 days old since its last transfer or registration to be eligible for transfer. If not, the registry will reject your transfer request.

check-mark Please make sure to initiate the transfer at least 10 days before the domain's expiry date. Sometimes transfer fails because the domain reaches to its expiry date before the transfer completion (during transfer process).

check-mark The original owner (losing party) of domain (can be yourself or anyone else) must do the following three things from present domain's registrar (the present service provider of domain that is releasing the domain toward us, also called "losing registrar") before you initiate the transfer request;
1- Request to unlock the domain. This releases the domain for transfer.
2- Obtain the domain's Authorization Code. It acts as a password/PIN.
3- Disable the Domain's Privacy (if it has one). By doing that the owner's real address will be visible in WHOIS lookup.

check-mark The contact information of domain's owner (the losing party) MUST be up-to-date, particularly the e-mail address (ICANN requirement).
All three contact information (Adminstration, Technical & Profile (Registrant)) of your DomainDale's account MUST also be up-to-date.
NOTE: In majority of cases all three are the same.

check-mark You will be charged for one year renewal at the beginning of transfer process by us (you have a chance to extend it to more years from shopping cart, if you wish to).
The 1-year renewal period will be added to the domain's existing validation period.

check-mark In case of problem you can always contact us by opening a new support ticket (you must login to your account before opening the new ticket to enable us to identify you to better serve you).
Our dedicated support team will gladly do anything in their power to assist you to successfully go through the process.

check-mark During the 7 business days processing period (starts from the payment completion and receiving the payment confirmation email) will no longer have any control over the process until it is delivered to us by registry.