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The word "Unlimited Disk Space" is widely used by hosting provider because they know (by experience) around 95% of shared hosting users ONLY occupy less than ONE Gyga Byte of their server's disk space. They take advantage of people's false good filling of "I have unlimited disk space" that they will never use BUT will pay extra for that false good/safe feeling.

FLEX Hosting is an ideal shared hosting for web sites up to 100 pages depending on the type of business. as an enterprise class web site has only occupied less than 0.5GB of server's disk space, it includs images, thousands of support records, thousands of customer email accounts. Not to mention the database that is holding a huge amount of data.

If you are willing to pay ONLY for what you use, Flex Hosting is the most logical choice for non-enterprise class websites, . The additional GB is as low as $0.49 /GB/month.

We are automatically monitoring your disk usage to make sure of your website's smooth operation. As soon as you reach at about 75% of your disk space capacity (it happens rarely), we will inform you about updating your hosting's disk space.
To add extra GB you just have to login to your account and purchase additional Disk Space Addon. The detailed instruction of "Disk Space Addon" purchase can be found in our knowledge base.

The average time period needed to upgrade disk space is usually between 1 to 1.5 years. Of course, it depends on the type of business and its growth speed. Over 70% of users never require the disk space upgrade. The sole purpose of Flex Hosting is exactly to "pay for what you use".

To view Disk Space Addon (FLEX Hosting Disk Upgrade) price list please Click Here.

guaranteed price

Basic Features:

  Fully Managed
  Dedicated Disk Space starting at 2GB
  Bandwidth 2GB/month
  Pricing  $2.00 / month   (Annually Charged)
  Terms 30-day Money Back


php icom  PHP
perl icon  Perl/CGI
python icon  Python
flash icon  Flash
java script icon  Java Script
ruby on rails icon  Ruby on Rails
mysql icon  MySQL
wordpress icon  WordPress
joomla icon  Joomla
softaculous icon  Softaculous Apps Installer

Account Features

  Apache Control Panel
  DNS Zone Editor
  Domain Aliases Unlimited
  Subdomains Unlimited
  AddOn Domains Unlimited
  FTP Accounts Unlimited
  Dreamweaver Compatible
  File Manager
  Powerful MagicSpam Protection FREE ($29.99/month value)


  Mail Boxes (POP3 & SMTP) Unlimited
  Secure IMAP & POP3
  Mailman Mailing Lists
  Squirrelmail Webmail
  Horde Webmail
  RoundCube Webmail
  MX Entry
  SpamAssassin Spam Blocker
  Catch-All Email Addresses
  Manual Email Filtering
  Box Trapper
  Secure Ports 995 and 465 Outgoing