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1. What is Domain Trademark Infringement?
When you choose a domain name you have to ensure that it does not infringe on anyone else's existing trademark, you needs to perform a serious search of existing trademarks to make sure that no one has claimed your domain name or a similar name that might cause confusion.
This is an important subject. If you are planning to run a legitimate business/website and you do not intent to pretend you are part of a larger registered trade mark, you will be almost safe.
If a legitimate business encounters such a dispute, it will be very hard to accuse you for such an act. For the safe side it is suggested to take this matter seriously.
This is ONLY an introduction to the Trademark Infringement. For more detailed information please use internet search or even consult with an attorney.
2. What is domain registrant?
A person, company or legal entity who owns or holds a domain name. When corporations and companies register a domain name they should use the company name instead of an individual name (recommended). It has some advantages. For more detailed information please use internet search.
3. What is domain registrar?
A domain name registrar is an organization or commercial entity (like DomainDale.com Inc.) that manages the reservation of internet domain name.
4. What is registry?
Generally, a domain name registry is a database of all domain names and the associated registrant information in the top level domains of the Domain Name System (DNS) of the Internet that allow third party entities to request administrative control of a domain name. For more detailed information please use internet search.
5. What is DomainDale WHOIS-Privacy?
When you register a domain name, your personal contact information is available on the Internet for anyone to see (WHOIS records). By purchasing WHOIS-Privacy from your registrar (us) your personal contact information will be hidden from public eyes. We also filter your incoming emails for spam, junk emails, viruses, malwares, trojans, spy ware and more.
Other names for WHOIS-Privacy;
a- Private Registration
b- Private WHOIS
c- Discreet Registration
d- Discreet domain registration
6. About Domain Renewal.
Each domain name is being registered for a certain period of time (1 to 10 years). If a domain validation is close to its expiry date, a month before the expiration we send you renewal reminders. If you do not renew your domain, we will send more notifications 3 days & 1 day before the expiry. Assuming you are away from home/town for more than a month and you do not get a chance to renew your domain on time, in that case you will lose the domain. THE BEST WAY IS TO SET YOUR DOMAIN ON "AUTO RENEWAL" TO AUTOMATICALLY BE RENEWED ON TIME. You just have to have sufficient funds in your account prior of renewal charge. To prevent renewal failure all the information of your account must be up-to-date including your email address on file.
To update your billing please refer to DDO-1001 document.
7. How important is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for my web site?
In today's marketplace potential customers do not use phone book or flyers any more. They all use computers, laptops or tablets or smart phones to look for what they want.
Today, businesses need to make their products visible through their websites to these potential customers. At the other hand those potential customers are also using their computers (like smart phones, laptops or tablets) looking for businesses to fulfill their requirements. Here SEO plays its role and shows its importance and necessity to join these two groups together.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is undeniably one the necessities of today's online marketing. The more you invest on it, the more you gain from it. So, consider it as an important factor for your business's success.
8. After I buy a domain, how should I register it in my name?
There are couple of documents that explain in details how to process. The document DDM-1003 is a good start to learn what to do with your new purchased domain.
9. What is domain push?
When two registrants (account/domain holders) are both having same registrar (like DomainDale.com) and want to transfer a domain from one account to the other, they perform Domain Push for such a transfer.
The detailed instructions of domain push can be found in document DDR-1004.
10. What are the rules for choosing a domain name?
A domain name must follow all the following rules:
a- A domain name cannot have more than 63 characters.
b- A domain name cannot have less than 3 characters.
c- A domain name must be made up of alphanumeric characters (a-z, 0-9) and the dash "-" sign.
d- A domain name cannot start or end with a dash (-).
e- Domain names are not case sensitive. GOD.com and god.com are both considered the same.
NOTE: This does not mean you cannot type upper case in your browser. If you type in DomainDale.com in your browser (like Firefox) to access our web site, the browser will automatically treat it as domaindale.com.
11. What is WHOIS Lookup?
If you need to obtain the owner's contact information of a registered domain name, WHOIS is the most logical choice. Just visit www.whois.net and type-in your desired domain name (including the extension like; .com or .net) in designate fields.
12. What type of information I can get from WHOIS Lookup?
In addition to contact information of registrant (domain owner) you also get the contact information of domain's administrator, technical admin and billing admin. Usually in large corporation cases these three administrators are different people other than the registrant.
You also get the original creation date and expiration date of the domain and the DNS (Domain Name System) address of domain.
13. Is it ok if my domain's WHOIS information is not complete?
NO, having incorrect or incomplete WHOIS record is not good at all. Due to recent serious rules by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) every registrant MUST have a complete and valid contact information. Most registrars including DomainDale occasionally send confirmation emails to their clients to verify the validity of their emails. Registrants MUST click on confirm link of the email within 15 days.
If you find out your domain's WHOIS record is incomplete, you are strongly advised to immediately log in to your DomainDale account and correct/update your contact information. If you are not sure how, please let us know through support.
14. I cannot see my real contact because of WHOIS-Privacy. How can I make sure it is complete/valid?
Just simply login to your DomainDale account and review your profile (MY ACCOUNT > Account Settings > Edit Profile tab). If you find any incomplete or missing information, simply correct and save it. Your original/hidden contact information will automatically be updated.
15. Do I need to purchase domain privacy for my .CA domain?
Since June 10, 2008, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) no longer posts registration details of individuals associated with .ca domains. You do not need to get WHOIS-Privacy (Domain Privacy) for your .CA domains.
16. Can I purchase Domain Privacy for my .US domain?
In March 2005, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) said that owners of .US domains will not have the option of keeping their information private, and that it must be made public.
These information posted on May 2015. Any possible updates after this date has not been reflected here.

1. What does Domain Transfer mean?
Every domain owner (registrant) requires a registrar (like DomainDale.com) to provide all necessary tools for maintaining his/her domain.
Sometimes a domain owner for various reasons would rather to change his/her registrar. To achieve this task the domain must be moved from present registrar's care to other registrar's care. This action is called "Domain Transfer".
There are different ways of transferring a domain because of different conditions or reasons. For more detailed information please visit DomainDale.com' Knowledge Base > Transfers.

1. Is there any disadvantages of using free online web design tools?
Having a self-made website is recognizable by most of the visitors these days and very possibly will not be respected or trusted as much as a professionally designed website, just like a Hotmail email for your business compared to an email that is carrying your business name. Most people do not feel comfortable with Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail emails as the official email address of a business, if even that business is really an established one.

The other concern is SEO. None of the free website providers guaranty "your self-made website will have all necessary structure and tools suitable for Search Engine Optimization adaptation".

In our opinion, if you really want to do business and make money and also create a future for your business, you must have a professionally designed web site. It is the best way of integrating all required SEO and marketing tools into your web site.

1. Can I change my profile's full name with someone else's name?
NO, This action is equivalent with ownership transfer of all the domains (or other services) associated with your account. If you could make such a change, you would NOT legally considered the owner of your domain(s) or any other services you had purchased before.

Alternative Solution:
To prevent any accidentall or intentional action like that we have provided the following alternative solution:
The other party who you wanted to replace your full name with his/her name can Sign Up for a new account. After confirming the new account's email (and address) through DomainDale's confirmation email you can PUSH all your domains from your own account to the new account. This action does NOT include any other services (hosting, domain privacy or others), ONLY domains can be pushed to the new account.

The Push process is free. The pushed domain(s) will immediately have their owner's name changed. They will keep their validation period (their expiry dates will not change). If the pushed domain(s) has WHOIS-Privacy, it will be cancelled due to push process. WHOIS-Privacy is not part of the domain itself and cannot be transferred.
The new account holder must purchase domain privacy (WHOIS-Privacy) for the domain(s) in order to keep his/her identity hidden from public eyes.
2. What is good password?
Your password is one of the MOST IMPORTANT tools to keep your property and identity safe. If you lose anything because of your poor choice of password, it will be too late to do anything about it after the damage already done. Please always remember that a powerful password is solely your daily responsibility and must take it seriously.
NOTE: DomainDale.com will do anything in its power to protect your interest In case of any incident due to the hacked password. Unfortunately doing anything in our power is not enough when the damage is already done.

We are suggesting to do a short research on internet regarding a Good Password.
We only suggest a few major tips regarding a good password.
1- A Good Password MUST be easy to remember to yourself.
2- A Good Password MUST be at least 8 characters long (the longer the better).
3- A Good Password MUST include CAPITAL LETTER and NUMBERS.
4- A Good Password is better to include SPECIAL CHARACTERS. Special characters (even one) will exponentially increase the security of a password. Using symbols like; $ # @ & * % will create a very strong password.

TO CREATED A MEMORABLE PASSWORD I always pick a few words from an old lyric or verse that I have always been familiar with, EXAMPLE;
1- I pick this sentense (or verse) "Nobody loves like you do".
2- THEM, I change it to: "NobodY-LoveS-LikE-YoU-DO" (turn first and last letter of each work to capital).
3- THEN, remove the second letter of each word so "NobodY" turns to "NbodY". The total result will be;
4- THEN, switch the FIRST & LAST dash (-) with "%" symbol OR any other symbol you like.
5- THEN, the final word as a password will be: NbodY%LveS-LkE-YU%D

If you only remember the rules you created (plus the verse itself), YOU WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD.
In this case the rule is:
1- First and last letter CAPITAL.
2- Second letter of each word REMOVED.
3- First & last dash (-) switched with %.
4- Thats all you need to do.
3. What type of tools are provided for a DomainDale's registrant account ?
We have created a user friendly interface for our registrants to have access to all necessary tools and options they need. After you login to your DomainDale account, you can have access to all of them through MY ACCOUNT.
To get a more clear picture please refer to file DDO-1002. It contains images describing all available options.

Terms & Policies
1. Do I have to accept Terms & Policies of DomainDale when I sign up for an account?
YES, when you open an account with DomainDale.com you are automatically bonded to our ALL terms, Conditions & Policies. It does not matter if your account is still blank (no domain in it) or not.

It is important to understand when you purchase any of our services (like Hosting, WHOIS Privacy, Domain Transfer, Domain Registration or other services) you have already agreed to our all terms & policies.

By law, the phrase " I did not know that" is not an acceptable excuse.